TranZbag AIR

Tranzbag AIR. Bicycle air transportation bag. Optimized for global door to door travel.
Now available!

«Pump it up! Ready for takeoff within 10 minutes»

TranzBag_AIR_packed TranzBag_AIR_black_grey TranzBag_AIR_open TranzBag_AIR_open-no-rear-wheel-removal TranzBag_AIR_packed_rollable TranzBag_AIR_Frontwheel_Compartment TranzBag_AIR_green_yellow_red

With Tranzbag AIR bikes are packed ready to travel within 10 minutes. No rear wheel removal and no handlebar removal necessary thanks to Tranzbag AIR System Total Integration STI. Four inflatable air chambers protect the bicycle during travel and air transport. The air chambers are inflated with a bicycle pump. 4 wheels provide high rolling comfort. Steerable front wheels allow comfortable movement over long distances and in airports. The rubber front of the Tranzbag AIR enables space-saving vertical transport in public transport.

Tranzbag AIR:
Mountainbike / Touringbike / Road / Gravel / Cyclocross
26" to 29+" wheelsets

$ 990.00

Easy Travel. Air Transportation. No rear wheel removal.


Tranzbag AIR Outer BagTranzbag AIR Inner BagTranzbag AIR Folded Bag