TranZbag E-VELO

Tranzbag E-VELO. Superstrong, foldable electric bike transportation bag. Compact. Extra-robust.

«Tranzbag E-VELO. Transports all types of electric bicycles.»

Tranzbag-E-VELO umhülltes Fahrrad Tranzbag-E-VELO-verpackt Tranzbag-E-VELO eingepackt Tranzbag-E-VELO am Boden ausgelegt Tranzbag-E-VELO mit platziertem Velo

In the foldable Tranzbag model E-VELO with 70kg payload, all types of electric bicycles can be transported in the car instead of at the rear or on the roof of the car. Packaged in the Tranzbag E-VELO, e-bikes can be transported free of charge in the European rail system. In the Tranzbag E-VELO all kinds of electric bikes are packed ready to travel within minutes. The loading process takes place on the ground. No lifting of the e-bikes necessary during the packaging process. Simple packaging process.

Tranzbag E-VELO transports:
electric mountain bikes / electric touring bikes / electric road bikes / electric gravel bikes / electric commuter bikes.
26" to 29+" wheels

$ 190.00

Electric bicycle transport with the extra-strong Tranzbag model E-VELO.