TranZbag Original

The ORIGINAL. The market-leading bicycle transport bag for all bicycle types.

«Proven 10,000 times over»

TranZbag Original Tranzbag ONE Cabriolet

The original. The all-rounder. Since 1995, the best-selling foldable bicycle transport bag in Europe. The robust Tranzbag ORIGINAL transports mountain bikes, racing bikes, gravel bikes, cross bikes, touring bikes, commuter bikes. TranZbag ORIGINAL transports practically all bikes of all wheel sizes 26" to 29+". Tranzbag ORIGINAL is folded into a hip bag. The Tranzbag Original can be used as a “bicycle garage” or as a sleeping bag cover. In the TranZbag ORIGINAL, bicycle storage in a hotel room is practically always permitted.

TranZbag Original transported:
Mountain bike / Touring bike / Road / Gravel / Cross / Cyclocross / Everyday bikes
26" to 29+" wheels

$ 130.00

Bicycle transport made easy